About Us

Our philosophy

To deliver high quality clothes with unique design that encourages expression.


To deliver t-shirts with high quality is so important to us, so that customers can get the worth of their money!


Design is the most important part for us because, it keeps the customer interested in wanting more!


You're able to express your style and love for hiphop with the uniqueness of our t-shirts!

About Us

With the decision to buy from Luxn, you become a part of the group which is working hard to create a sustainable business that provides quality, design and also supports uniqueness. With the high demand of our products, it is made of importance that customers leave with a smile and good reviews, all because of great customer relationship. 

Luxn is administrated by two young entreprenuers with the love of hiphop. Together they strive to create a brand that is sustainable and always evolves with the time.